Spirit animals ‘That which we do not understand’

Posted on Nov 16, 2014 in Editorial

Some insight into my creative process as a screen printer, work in progress and the finished illustration. This is my submission for Amelias Magazine 10th Anniversary Limited edition artists book. The open brief was ‘That which we do not understand’. This project is supported by Kickstarter, to show your support please pre-order your book or print now.

The theme of my illustration is Spirit animals, they are our guides to assist us on our journeys through life, providing encouragement and inspiration to help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions.

“If you talk to the Animals they will talk with you and you will know each other, if you do not talk to them you will not know them. What you do not know you will fear, what one fears, one destroys.” Cheif Dan George

After researching my inspiration, brainstorming, sketching concepts, photo editing and them compiling the artwork, I move onto screen printing the artwork. First step mixing the colours……


Then its the colour base layers, this design had 5 base colours, some screen printed and some hand painted to add extra texture. I experiment with different paper types and colours.


Screen printing the detailed layer of the artwork with black ink, drawing the ink through the silk screen with a squeegee. The artwork is transferred to the silk screen using photographic emulsion and exposure to UV light.


Native American traditions state a person is assigned nine animal guides to provide spiritual direction. I do not know my spirit animals but chose those which I was lucky enough to encounter and photograph during my recent years living in Canada. We can shapeshift into our Power animal to see through their eyes, hear with their ears. Our power animal lives within us, the wild creature that you are deep down. I chose the Raven as my power animal as it features throughout my creative career as an emblem. Symbolism plays a big part in my illustration practice, the significance of specific spirit animals and what they represent really interests me. The Raven can represent playfulness, creativity, a divine balance between light and dark, comfort in solitude, stillness and quiet.

Test print of the detailed layer in black ink.IMG_2652

Almost finished, three more colours to print on top of the print now to add the colourful leaves to the trees.IMG_2654

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