True Romance

Posted on Feb 2, 2015 in Editorial

Valentines’ Day is on it’s way, and to celebrate Amelia’s Magazine ran an open brief for love themed artwork. The brief was to create art that would look great on the wall year round, and be inspired by all things amorous…

I love animals, who doesn’t, I decided they were a great way to convey the idea of Love, Affection and Companionship. I think most people could relate to the imagery I have used and feel some emotions. Animals often feature in my illustrations because they are very symbolic, as they don’t change with time or technology. They will always stay the same, and so will their symbolic meanings.

My Illustration has been chosen to be published as high quality Giclee prints in collaboration with East End Prints. These prints will appear for sale online and in a special exhibition at 70 Paul Street just off Old Street in East London, running from 6-17th February.

Katie Edwards - True Romance